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I saw the live action Beauty and the Beast remake yesterday. No spoilers - except maybe in the comments, so be warned! - but I will say I loved it. You know, once it actually started and the young teens in the back of the theater FINALLY stopped being so noisy.

Anyway, that got me thinking about Disney live action films I've seen and loved. Or, y'know, even partial live-action films. So this is kind of a post for getting to know my Disney love beyond the animated realm, I guess. But honestly, it's really just a list for my own reference, as I'll be making live action Disney graphics for a comm I'm in on LJ...
  • Beauty and the Beast, 2017
  • Alice through the Looking Glass, 2016
  • The Jungle Book, 2016
  • Tomorrowland, 2015
  • Maleficent, 2014
  • The Muppets, 2011
  • Alice in Wonderland, 2010
  • Pirates of the Caribbean, 2003-2006 (original trilogy)
  • The Princess Dairies, 2001
  • James and the Giant Peach, 1996
  • The Santa Clause, 1994
Through other studios/etc.:
  • Descendants, 2015 (tv movie)
  • Muppets from Space, 1999
  • Cinderella, 1997
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988
  • The Muppet Movie, 1979
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Hello, fellow author!

First of all, let me say how excited and thankful I am. Now, I have never done a fic exchange that involves a letter before, so forgive me if this is unorthodox. I've read a few of the already-existing letters, and am more or less going off of those.

  • Fluffy Slice of Life
  • AU to any extent
  • Children teaching new things to their parent figures or other adults
  • Angst with emotional hurt/comfort
  • Pieces that have a sort of character study feel
Do Not Wants:
  • Gore of any kind
  • Explicit smut
  • Non-Con or Dub-Con
  • Death
  • Crack!Fic
  • Body Horror
Here are my requests and a few thoughts on them that are strictly guidelines. Please, let your creativity and imagination be your guide!

How to Train Your Dragon (Movies)

Gobber the Belch/Stoick the Vast & Hiccup

Angst is delightful here. Fics set before the first film are my strong preference, with established Gobber/Stoick,and Gobber trying to play mediator between Stoick and Hiccup while still being, you know, Gobber.

Alternatively, some slice of life family fluff set between the first and second films would be equally great.

Steven Universe
Pearl & Steven Universe

This is definitely my favorite for 'child teaching an adult something new'! Seriously, Steven introducing Pearl to anything she's not familiar with. It can be a comedy of errors, really sweet, or a bit of both!

Descendants (2015)
Li Lonnie & Mushu & Fa Mulan/Li Shang

Despite the fact that Descendants is cheesy as all get-out and Lonnie has very little characterization when you get down to it, I love the idea of the Li family so much! Honestly, Shang interests me less than the others, but just. Mulan as a wonderful, understanding mom and Mushu as a protective psuedo-uncle to Lonnie? Yes, please!

I really like the idea of a well-intentioned Mushu causing trouble for Lonnie, and Mulan and Shang helping her deal with the fall-out.

Thank you for your time! I look forward to whatever you write for me!

[ profile] Jingle 
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Well, at least when it comes to picking a fic to work on! I have two fills I have to write for [ profile] disney_kink, the table for [ profile] femslash100, and I'm going back and forth on what my Camp NaNo project should be. I also have all these other little ideas floating around, just snitches of AUs, mainly, but also writing something for Tangled: The Series in which Rapunzel is polyamorous and figuring out her feelings for both Eugene and Cassandra.

Aaand I just remembered that I had plans to do a private fic exchange over email with an irl friend of mine, but never emailed her because I had a stomach bug and mostly was sleeping for a while, then got busy with work. I better get on that!

Wish me luck!
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Seriously, they should be paying me. ;)

Well, this is more of a plug for a Disney... Online event, but hey, what's March Magic without those t-shirts and posters? I say, though I've never bought them and probably won't be buying any this year.

Or, hey, you may be asking "What's March Magic?", period.

Disney creates a set of brackets where "teams" are created based on popular Magic Kingdom rides. Last year, the Hollywood Tower Bellhops won, I believe? I don't really follow this that closely, but I love to look at the art used for the t-shirts and posters. This year, at least, Disney fans can voice their vote on Disney World's facebook page, although I have yet to figure out... How, oops.

Once I do figure it out, my votes for each bracket are figured out. The team I'm hoping gets a win is the Imagination Institute Dreamfinders. I've always loved Figment and the whole Journey into Imagination ride as it's existed in my lifetime, but when I discovered the original song and the new comics, I became an even bigger fan.

Unfortunately, the first team the Dreamfinders face off against are the Briar Patch Vultures, and Splash Mountina is a very popular ride... We'll see how that goes.

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The theme for prompts on [ profile] femslash100's 13th Drabble Cycle is 'Fanfic Tropes'. I have claimed the character Pearl from Steven Universe for my first table, which is as follows:

1. Enemies to lovers 2. Meeting the family/parents 3. Reunions 4. Road trip 5. Alternate Universe
6. Proposal 7. Domestic 8. Crossover 9. Cross-dressing 10. Fantasies/dreams

I only truly ship Pearl with Bismuth at this point, although I'm several episodes behind, as well, so we'll see. Anyway, that means I'll be writing some ships I only ship-ish, or used to ship more than I do now.

For the curious, the planned ships, in order that the prompts appear:

01. Pearl/Jasper
02. Pearl/Mystery Girl
03. Pearl/Bismuth
04. Pearl/Amethyst
05. Pearl/Garnet
06. Pearl/Amethyst
07. Pearl/Jasper
08. Pearl/adult!Lilo (Lilo & Stitch) (subject to change)
09. Pearl/Bismuth
10. Pearl/Peridot
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I'm considering trying my hand at being a Poketuber. The thing is... I'm not so good at theories, and I'm really no good at competitive gaming - well, I'm getting better, but anyway, what I'm interested in is the aspect of Poketube-ing where people create their own gyms, trials, leagues, regions, etc. I think I could have a lot of fun with that, although I'm not sure I have the video software I'd need. But if I could get away with my webcam and/or just plain old Movie Maker, I think it'd be fun!

Bird Keeper Toby is the Poketuber I follow, and whose videos always make me sit back and say, "Huh, that would be so great to do!".

Also, I still haven't watched the Tangled tv movie! I was working last night, and probably won't be able to catch it until tomorrow.
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The new 'Tangled' sequel tv series kick-off movie airs in three days! I'm not sure whether I should be hopefully or nervous, ha! I'll admit, my hopes aren't all that high, but you never know!

The new 'Dream Big, Princess' video by Disney features Princess Elena, so... Is she part of the official line-up now? That would be pretty cool! I've only seen three episodes of Elena of Avalor so far, and it's - you know, it's a kiddie show, but it is very cute and fun!

I have three days off starting today, because scheduling at work is inconsistent - but hey, that's fine with me! I'm going to do some intense cleaning starting today, so that should be... Okay, not fun, but rewarding, at least!


Mar. 5th, 2017 07:15 am
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I owe my local library $16, apparently. Couldn't find some books and DVDs for a while... Hopefully I can just pay the late fees and won't be required to pay the replacement fines, since I did eventually find everything. Hopefully I can run it in today.

I also need to borrow their copy of How to Train Your Dragon 2, soooo...

I'm behind on Steven Universe AND Big Bang Theory by three episodes each, so I'm hoping to fix that today, as well. I don't go into work until 4:30 today, and I'll basically be in until closing after that. Not bad at all, since the store usually gets pretty quiet after 5 or 6.

I am now officially and completely settled on a Camp NaNo project, and I'm wildly excited about what I've come up with! I need to get some planning in, though, or it's going to be a total mess. I made a playlist for it, does that count?

I hope everyone's doing well!

Oh, right, and Pokemon Moon update! Team remains the same, although I'm on Poni Island, so Ella should be evolving soon! More excitingly... Between carrying over Pokemon from my first run via Pokemon Bank, and a lot of GTS trading, I have already completed the Pokedex and gotten the Shiny Charm!
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So, I've decided I will be writing a Moana/How to Train Your Dragon crossover AU with the Moana/Hiccup ship for Camp NaNo next month... But I'm still not sure what kind of AU I want to work with. There's a few possibilities so far:
  • High School AU - classic and simple, and easier to write in terms of research, but more difficult - for me at least - to inject plot into.
  • Pokemon AU - I'd be going with an Alola AU, naturally, with Hiccup as either a Sinnoh native or a native to a Region I'd create, who has just moved to Alola. I don't think I'd follow the plot of Sun and Moon; it make take place after it, though, so some events could be referenced.
  • Canon Melding AU - Basically, Polynesian!Hiccup as one of the villagers around Moana's age in Motunui. They'd be childhood friends, and honestly, this would work best as a retelling of Moana, the film. The problem is, retellings are very hard to pull off - again, for me at least - without getting to verbatim.
Any thoughts or alternate suggestions?

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For the Disney Kink Meme:
  • Ariel/Zarina fic
  • Milo Thatch/Kuzco fic
  • Possible LeFou/Gaston fic
  • Moana/Hiccup fic
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I read some... Interesting information regarding the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast film.

SPOILERS for 2017 Live Action Beauty and the Beast )

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I'm feeling a bit better this evening, for a few reasons. I picked up groceries and stuff after work, and I received an email reminder that Camp NaNo is next month - which will hopefully jumpstart my creativity! I'll be aiming to write 25k words of fic, I think, but I'm not sure which fandom just yet. Anyway, do I have any fellow NaNo-ers among my mutuals?

For those unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo:

You might want to check those links out; it's a pretty fun set of events!

Additionally, it's time for the usual Pokemon Sun and Moon update!

So, Lillie just got kidnapped... (Although I'm not sure how much you can call it a kidnapping. She did go willingly, after all.) Time to rescue the maiden fair! My team currently consists of: Ella the Charjbug, Hiram the Leafeon, Moonshy the Alolan Persian, Bones the Alolan Marowak, Pyke the 10% Zygarde, and - at long last! - Dawn the Primarina!
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So, Dancing with the Stars hasn't had my interest for a while, but I like watching it here and there, and I always see the cast reveals when I can.

Heather Morris is one of the Stars? Heather Morris, as in Brittany from Glee? Heather Morris who became a part of the cast for her dance moves, but was originally one of the shows choreographers? That doesn't seem exactly fair, heh, but at least my favorite to win looks like they'll have a good shot this season! And it'll be interesting to see Heather as herself, not Britt! And she did just talk about ballroom dancing being different, which is a fair point.

Also, happy March, folks! Moana's home media release happens this month, and I can't wait for that to arrive. I pre-ordered the Blu-Ray!
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 ...Can you do something about all this frizz? Ugh, seriously, it's still February, if only for a day... But even in March, my hair usually doesn't start frizzing like this! I'm usually pretty laid-back about my appearance, as long as I'm clean and presentable, but my hair is a spot of vanity for me, I guess.

Pokemon Day came and went, and now it's Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday! The day where Jingle watches The Princess and the Frog! If I didn't hate baking so much, I'd try to make a King Cake. But alas, I do hate baking. So much. Plus, I'm not sure I have what I'd even need to bake a King Cake.

I read the Descendants book 'CJ's Treasure Chase' today, which is semi-fitting with my PatF theme, since Freddie Facilier is a major character in it. I have to say, I liked it way more than expected, especially for a book for pre-teens! It was really cute and sweet, and now I quite like CJ as a character.

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...Because apparently that's a thing!

Also, just gotta comment on Zootopia's win at the Oscars last night! Another Best Animated Feature award for a wonderful film! (Also, the performance of How Far I'll Go was so astounding! Actually, all the performances - and comedy - of last night were fantastic.)

I figured since it's Pokemon Day and all, I might as well do something silly to "celebrate"... So I've been making more progress in this run-through of Moon! I may also watch some of the anime tonight, but hmm... Do I watch the original season? Pokemon XY? Maybe some Black and White for Colress, or even one of the movies? So many options when you have such a long-running show, ha ha...

And now for the progress report! I've just arrived on Ula'ula Island and had a battle with Hau. The team now consists of: Hiram the Leafeon, Ella the Charjbug, Bones the Alolan Marowak, Moonshy the Alolan Persian, and - last but, of course, not least! - Dawn the Brionne!

Now if you'll excuse me, I believe the human version of rat poison is waiting for me...


Feb. 26th, 2017 06:21 am
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So tired. It took me until after midnight to fall asleep last night. Or, technically, to fall asleep this morning. Ugh, whichever way you wanna frame it, it was too little sleep!

I finished Toradora! yesterday. It might be my new favorite anime... Not that I've watched many others. Pretty much just Ouran and most of Fruits Basket, both of which were also great...

I also played some more Pokemon Moon last evening, which was fun - I rarely play the game at night because I tend to fall asleep playing it, so with Moon, that means I don't get to see daytime in the game that often. Alola is so bright and beautiful, and I had particular fun with the Pokemon Refresh feature last night.

My team currently consists of: Dawn the Brionne, Ella the Charjbug, and Moonshy the Alolan Persian, along with a "mysterious" egg, and I've just beaten Kiawe's Trial! I'll probably play more this morning so I can get to Mallow's Trial, because Mallow is one of my favorite more minor NPCs in the game... I also want to get to a certain someone's cameo!

I also need to start up playing Pokemon Blue again. I think I want to start a new save, and I think I want to wait until after I finish this runthrough of Moon, but I'm still excited for it. I mean even do an in-character run of Blue, because I'm a silly geek like that. I tend to ignore the default male of the player character in Red/Blue/Yellow/etc., and the storyline itself makes it easy to do so, so the possibilities for character to pick are endless! And I could make it a Nuzlocke on top of that, for some higher stakes and more challenge/fun... Hmm, I'm thinking maybe Amethyst for the player character and Jasper as the rival? Or, heck, Green/Blue/whatever you want to call him could even be Amethyst, and Pearl or Peridot could be who I pick to be the player character? I mean, let's face it, Green and Amethyst have fairly similar attitudes!

So, on that note... Smell ya guys later!
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Sunday may be a big night in Hollywood, and I'm so excited for the Oscars, but then the following Tuesday is... Mardi Gras! Admittedly, the extent of my celebrations will be watching The Princess and the Frog, but it's such a cool holiday - especially as I may also use it as an excuse to cook some interesting Fat Tuesday sort of dishes!

Speaking of cooking, last night I made this pasta in cheese sauce with crisped salami and peas? Made the sauce from scratch, too, with provolone and swiss cheeses... Absolutely delicious! I'm pretty proud of that dish, because I barely followed any recipes for it.

I also got this year's first new issue of the Steven Universe comic on my Kindle last night, since I was sick and wanted to distract myself. I wasn't going to buy a single issue - a prefer whole volumes, you know? - but then I read that the story featured Peridot and Lapis, and well, what's a girl to do? Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!
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Here it is, my list of ships! Got the idea from [personal profile] sarajayechan's massive ship wall!

A - Z! )
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Two days to the Oscars! I win in Best Animated Picture for Zootopia is my hope, my I loved Moana nearly as much, so that would be great, too! Ooh, Zootopia took the Golden Globe against Moana, Kubo, and My Life as a Corgette, but now The Red Turtle is thrown into the mix...

Other than that, the only categories I'm really feeling certain in are best film (La La Land, much?) and best actor (Denzel Washington!). Viola Davis will probably take home the Supporting Actress Award, too, and I'd love to see that.

What else? I have a later shift at work today, so I might spend some time putting together a ship list/wall in here! That should entertain me for a bit...

Also, I'm like 15 episodes - maybe 16? - in to a new (well, new for me!) anime - Toradora! I love it so much! Emotional but also hilarious. Part of me is excited to see how it ends, and part of me doesn't want to get to that 25th episode, because then it's all over. Sometimes, my problems are very simple ones, ha!


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